Company History

  • The logo represents the shape of a tire with simple lines as a reference to our industry
  • From a 3-dimensional angle, three tires juxtapose in the logo, which has dual meanings:
     1)  It symbolizes combination of multiple technologies which comprise the high level of quality of all Sailun products.
     2)  It expresses a sense of moving forward emphasizing Sailun’s spirit of competition and advancement.
  • From a 2-dimensional angle, the right half represents the sail, while the left half represents waves and wind, advancing Sailun forward
  • On the left, the bracket is like the initial “c” in the word “communication”, which indicates that information technology is core to Sailun’s advancement
  • The straight lines in each letter imply strength of corporate administration, while the smooth transitional part implies our people-oriented management style

Sailun Worldwide